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It was a no-brainer, really.

If you're here, it's probably because you're already familiar with how amazing Lousy Hunter's doughnuts were/ARE. We (Ashleigh & Cory, the owners of Cloche Coffee) knew Tonya and Josh from our collective bartending days. (Cory was just utterly forced to sample some of the very first batches of doughnuts that T&J experimented with        .)


As we were busy building Cloche in Durham, Tonya and Josh were just as busy wow-ing Raleigh with their doughnuts. As soon as they opened up the opportunity for wholesale, we were first in line (drooling at the opportunity to eat them in Durham on the weekends!). Our community at Cloche felt the same way we did: these donuts weren't just for vegan doughut lovers, they were for ALL doughnut lovers! We would regularly sell-out on the weekends and often woke up to Instagram and phone messages from locals begging us to save them some!

In December, when Tonya and Josh gave us the bittersweet news that they would not be renewing their lease in Raleigh, they asked us if we would be interested in taking the reigns.

It was a no-brainer for us. With their blessing and support, we're determined to keep their recipes alive. We know we have big shoes to fill and we're up to the challenge. We hope their loyal "lousy" following will find our "crummy" style to be just as endearing!


Ashleigh & Cory

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is currently inside of Cloche Coffee.

Eventually, we foresee Crummy Hunters having it's own colorful space. For now, we're content in the light & plant-filled space that is Cloche Coffee. Aside from having the added perk of (duh) COFFEE, it also allows us to utilize their mobile coffee operation, Tenco Coffee. This coffee truck actually started out as a DONUT TRUCK before it was renovated to include an espresso machine. What better way to bring the truck back to its roots (and make life come full-circle) than to add vegan donuts into the mix!?

Soon, we'll be able to distribute vegan donuts all over the triangle, pop-up at local farmer's markets, serve your next wedding or party, and more!

... whenever a post-covid world should allow it, of course!